Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sunday night

My impromptu visit to my Groovy Sisters was a good time, as usual. Got to do a bunch of visiting, a little slacking, and even finished the 2nd set of discernment questions that for unknown reasons I'd been procrastinating for months.

So now it's Sunday night, I'm home and gearing up for yet another Monday morning. For the most part, I like my job, but I've always kind of hated the impending Monday-ness of Sunday evenings.

Today is my regular Friday off, so that's always good. Saw Rei Rei for a bit last night, and met her brother-sister, Jim, a.k.a. Kim Lynn too.

Took that TOVA test to try to prove to my doctor that I'm not Adult ADD. I'm not so sure I won't come out as impulsive though. Even when my brain was sawying, "No, don't click now, DON'T CLICK!!," my hand went ahead and clicked several times when I shouldn't have on the "variable frequent" (second half) of the test. We'll see the results of that at next month's appointment. I'm pretty sure it's just been my GAD (anxiety) acting up lately and I wanna torque up on an anxiety med or mood stabilizer. So we'll see.

But today's a good day.

Even though I just got paid today and wrote out all my bills and have disturbingly little left now, it's still a good day. I do have something left. And I'm going to try to please bang my wife more careful and deliberate with spending and keeping track of the moolah.

Had lunch today with my Papa. Haven't seen him in a while, so it was good to catch up, chat, 'splain more about this convent thing to him, etc. That and daddy always picks up the tab! *wink*

Put in about an hour-and-a-half at the public library catching up on some contract cataloging. It was very quiet in there and so I was able to be quite productive. Always a good thing.

Now I'm about to pack up and head northward to soak up some Grooviness with my nuns in Grand Rapids. Nothing going on, no particular agenda. Just a little get-away because I can.

Like I said, it's a Good Day!